Spotting a Future Classic Muscle Car…….

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Spotting a Future Classic Muscle Car…….


Ford has limited the production of the 2015 Shelby GT350 to 137 models, half with the technology Pack, the other half with the Sporty Track pack, but would you buy this car hoping it will be a future classic? Are you willing to wait a number of years for it to increase in value or do you want to buy quickly and sell quickly for a profit?

Imagine it’s 1969, you want a brand-new ride, so you visit your local car dealer.
Out of all the great rides you see – Dodge, Chevrolet, Ford, Plymouth,…… not an Oldsmobile ( only joking!). One or two of the rides have extra ‘factory options’…………hmmm, that will cost more, but I will have a cooler ride.
‘Convertibles?’……..nah, I want something sporty!
A COPO? Is that worth the money?

Hindsight is a wonderful thing.
Yesterday’s car buyers have the same decisions as today……to a certain point. Budget, value for money, could this be a future classic?
Obvious things to look out for – low build numbers, special factory options, what makes the car unique? But the real facts are how much money you have to part with, to get hold of this exclusivity.
You have to look at what vehicles are now being sold which are over 10 years old, similar to the ride you are looking at.
Stick to the most well-known makes and models and keep a lookout for anything that makes that ride individual or special.

They say if you leave a Coke can in the ground and dig it up in 1000 years, it will be priceless, but unfortunately the average human can’t wait a thousand years, so we have to be more vigilant to see if a ride or anything else will go up in value in the near future.

Overall, you have to be committed to finding or keeping a ride which you think have those rare features which will be worth more than the initial buying price you paid.
This really takes ongoing research, so shortlist your favorite cars and read everything you can on the various specifications and limited edition models.
If you look for long enough, you will eventually find that special ride.

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