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How To Spot A Real 1970 Chevelle SS

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By Jon Whitehead

With classic muscle car prices ever-increasing, it’s no surprise that there are fake or cloned vehicles out there ready to take advantage of collectors. The 1970 Chevelle SS is one of the most collectable from the golden era of muscle cars, so having a basic guide on what to look for to distinguish a fake from a real one is the point here.

There are lots of details and intricacies that need checking when verifying a car’s authenticity, such as past documentation and build sheets, so the nice guys over at put together a lengthy article documenting what to look for and check on a 1970 Chevelle SS if you’re in the market for buying one.

There are many buzzwords used in car ads. Such as matching numbers, all original, but as with any area of life, the more background information and checks you can perform the better.

If a potential car has documentation or not it’s always a good idea to do a thorough inspection of the body and driveline to make sure everything is what it says it is. VIN numbers, casting numbers and serial numbers are all good starting point for verifying your vehicle, but your checks shouldn’t just stop there.

There are so many tell-tale signs to tell an original from a clone, but it’s a good idea to bookmark this article on the hot Rod link to have ready with you when inspecting a vehicle for yourself. Just run through the checklist on your smart phone or tablet which goes from checking the firewall, casting numbers on the engine and transmission, suspension, steering, rear differential, interior items, radiator, grille type, lights, moldings and other bodywork checks.

As with all car inspections it’s always a good idea to take somebody else with you who is highly knowledgeable, no matter how much experience you have yourself. So, arm yourself with a checklist and take somebody knowledgeable with you if you’re in the lucky position to be able to buy a 1970 Chevelle SS.

It’s also an idea to have the Hagerty valuation tool valuation tools ready at hand to get a rough estimate of value. The tool will give you a rough idea of how much the car is worth from its condition and current market values, along with past market trends.

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