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Should You Restomod?: Classic vs. Custom

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There seems to be two lines of thought in the muscle car world. One says a vintage muscle car should be kept all original, just as it came from the factory, while the other camp say why not use the best of modern parts and engineering while keeping the classic look.

Whichever side you agree with or maybe it’s a bit of both, it seems at the moment baby boomers want to keep the car as original as possible, while millennials are simply wanting modern machinery with classic looks.

If you check out some of our last posts from SEMA 2015, you will see beautifully restored classic muscle cars to the most widely customised resto mods and pro tourers.  This shows that the market is healthy in both areas, but which route should you take?

The bottom line for which route you take in many ways is dictated by budget. Arguably, the rarest optioned classic muscle cars will cost the most, but it is not always that clear cut.
A restomod with highly tuned, expensive parts can cost even more, so it is really dependent on the make, model and what you get with the car that counts. So, it’s really down to personal preference for which route you want to take. The untouched classic or the best of the old and the new.

The main benefits for the whole scene is that both the old and new guard have something in common and that is muscle cars themselves. It is common ground where both can discuss the merits of the pure originals and the modified classics.

What the future holds.
We are at the point now where the rarest optioned muscle cars are now investment pieces or almost museum artefacts, not to be driven, so it is down to the less expensive end of the market which aren’t number matching vehicles which are properly primed to be a restomod, protourer. The advantage of these is that they are also easier to obtain and cheaper, allowing the younger end of the market to start the hobby. All good stuff.

Also, the new muscle cars are in the bracket of performance vehicles, out of the price bracket for most so just like the ethos of the golden era muscle cars, the non-expensive, non-numbers matching cars can be a great entry point to get into the muscle car world and turn them into anything you want them to be.

It will always be the case where the rarest optioned vehicles are the best examples to keep all original, but the customised, Restomod, Pro-Tourer or Pro Street maybe the best option for some to get a base model which they can work on over the years and have the best entry point into the hobby. This doesn’t mean that these types of vehicles will be any cheaper than a pure classic, but it does give a wider breadth for entering the hobby of muscle cars and that’s the whole point.

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