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Shopping Around For A 1969 Pontiac GTO Judge

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Engine: 400 V8
Miles: 92,896
Vin: 242379G126052
Price: $59,999

The collector car hobby is on fire right now. Not just a few cars but nearly everything. Of course it runs in cycles and there will be a slump at some point I guess but it’s not now. The hobby is hot.
That is a good sign and a bad sign. Let’s look at the bad first. Bad because it keeps some entry level people out of the hobby and good for those of us already in to make some money. Let’s face some cold hard facts. Your 401k and any investments you try to make is not returning big money. Interest rates are very low and your return is weak. You cannot feel, smell or taste it. If you are in our hobby you know what you paid for something and if you sell you know your profit margin. In the meantime you can drive it and enjoy it. However, one of the biggest rookie mistakes is buying say a 1950 Ford two door bread box as we call them and dumping 30k into it. You gonna lose sucka.

My advice if you are getting in the hobby is to get in slow. Get that entry level car and enjoy it. Smell and listen to what is going on around you. Then, if the market is right trade or sell that car and move up a notch or two. Slow and easy is the advice. If you are already in with a great car my advice is to hold and enjoy it. Sure, you can look around and see what else is out there that interests you but if you keep that GTO Judge in good shape you will not lose money. If the hobby takes a dip just sit on it and wait. The Mopar smarties did that a few years ago. The Hemi was not the craze it is today. The Hellcat engines helped change that. Now, any Hemi from the late 1960’s and up are a hot tomato. The prices soared and the smart guys and gals are enjoying the new birth again. Just have patience my friends and you can watch our hobby grow and be a part of a fellowship that few hobbies enjoy more.

This example for the money should be a show car. It’s probably the top end of the price range, so you should expect the best for your money.




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