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Reproduction Cobras: Two Sides To The Story

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By Mark Weisseg

I am not a kit car guy. I never was and cannot imagine ever buying one. Now, I understand us regular folks will never be able to buy a real Cobra so this is the best second choice. I get it.

However, I see an awful lot of these for sale. Why? Well, let’s see. No top, average power, plenty of them out there, everyone knows it’s a copy…. that is what tipped the camels back. Do you bring friends over to look at your fake Picasso? Or, brag about a reproduction of a Monet? Of course not. How about two dollar wine in a bottle reserved for the best? Nah. So, why have a copy car?

Now that ought to get the hate mail working. You see I love the Cobra and I love plenty of other super cars. But, do you see replica Lambo’s on the street, or a reproduction Ferrari? Unlikely. You just come to terms that there are certain things in life you cannot have. Do you see fake Gulfstream G550’s. Nah. Only the super rich can afford to have them. Just like mansions, castles, and a real Rolls Royce. It’s life.

However, on the flip side these replica Cobras can give you a chance to have the same body shape, whatever engine you want and transmission with all the latest parts and safety features that the original did not have. That’s a lot of fun.
You may be criticised for having a copy and not the original, but when you explain what the original costs. Everybody will understand.

There are plenty of these reproduction Cobras out there to choose from or you can have one built from scratch. Many choices and that’s part of the appeal.
So there is always a flipside to every story.

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