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The Real Dodge Charger

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By Mark Weisseg

Today’s Dodge Chargers get a lot of hype because of the Hellcat engines. But let’s face the fact that the car has four doors. Normally today a classic car lover does not go within ten feet of a four door car that purports to be a hot rod.

So, are we to forget this golden rule in twenty years and buy every four door Charger for sale? I doubt it. Here is a fact you may not know. Of the vehicles FCA sells, the Jeep line up outsells there own top three cars. Why? Well, The cars are losers. Jeeps are winners for now. Think about that. The Jeep outsells the top three Dodge cars combined. And you wonder why FCA wants a partner and wants one now? The other car gurus are just waiting for this company to be spun off and sold in pieces at this point.

But, alas I saw this beauty Friday night. A real Dodge Charger with two doors. Yes, before the Charger got really cool in ’68 this Charger was roaming the streets. Some still consider this car ugly but read the no expense spared note the owner stuck under the hood. The car was solid and a bit rough but one owner and almost 190k on the engine. And, according to the hapless owner the engine has never had an issue. The valve covers or top end has never been off.

Whether you like the car or not it is a wonder the engine held together that long. With today’s engines your weakest link seems to be a sensor. Back in the day it may have been the owner. It is refreshing to see one of these classics still burning and leaking oil all over the road, but it still only has two doors. And, it was when Dodge built great cars that were in demand. Could you imagine a Mr.Norms of Chicago bragging and building a Dodge Dart? Gulp a roo.

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