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Ray Barton 426 Hemi 572 CI Engine 1275HP

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Price: $30,000.00


A Hemi engine in any condition is going to cost you an arm and a leg, but when you’re contemplating buying one from a renowned builder, you are spending more, but you’re also getting the best out there. An example here with this Ray Barton 426 Hemi 572ci V8 throwing out an incredible 1275HP.

Ray Barton is arguably the king of race or street Hemi engines, with experience spanning over 40 years and helped with many of the changes to the latest Mopar hemi blocks. So, if it’s a race Hemi engine that you want you can’t get much better. The full specs. from the ad.below, with the engine having only done dyno. time, so it’s not being put through its paces.

It would be interesting to see what car this mighty engine will eventually be dropped into.

Ray Barton 572 Hemi Engine
1275 H.P. at 6900 RPM. Average Torque 705 ft-lbs.
Indy Aluminum Block “Wet”
Stage V Millennium Aluminum Heads
Titanium Intake Valves
Stainless Steel Exhaust Valves
Ray Barton Rocker System 1.7 Ratio
Bullet Roller Camshaft
Ray Barton Intake Manifold
Pro Systems Carb single 4 1200 Cfm
NOS 400 H.P. Fogers
Bill Miller Aluminum Connecting Rods
Peterson Dry Sump system 3 stage
Jessel Belt Drive
Diamond coated Pistons
Charlie’s Dry sump pan will fit E body & B body

Bullet Cam Gross lift .750 intake .727 exhaust duration at .50 intake 296 exhaust 292 separtation 113 valae lash ..026 hot Compression 12.5


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