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Muscle Cars Don’t Have To Be Expensive: Go Ratty…..

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In one of today’s previous articles where we showed you a Plymouth Barracuda Convertible going for $3.5 million, at the other end of the spectrum you can still pick up a decent muscle car and enjoy it for only a few thousand and work on it when time allows. That’s the ethos from Ratty Muscle Car’s founder Austin Griggs.

As shown on their website, the message is simple, ‘My goal is to motivate people to pull their cars out of the backyards, barns, and garages…. fix what is broke as money comes available and drive the damn things!’
‘I feel you shouldn’t have to wait until the kids are out of the house, win the lottery, or find a sugar mamma/daddy to enjoy the old car you have wasting away…. I challenge you to take a new approach next time you look at your not running project car…’

The ethos from the guys is fantastic.
It promotes the fact that you can buy into the muscle car hobby at any point you can afford and work on the car when funds and time are available.
The other advantage is that you’re not scared stiff every time you take it out for a drive, fearing the slightest stone chip or surface scratch. The odd shopping cart bumping into your car might even give it more character!

The point is, the hobby is accessible to nearly everybody who wants to be included if you shop around and take your time.

remember, stay Ratty…..

Find out more from their website here.

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