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Those Rare Car Finds Are Still Out There

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By Mark Weisseg

I happened to see this photograph recently and wondered what it’s all about.
From the outset it seems impossible that two cars like this would be shoved between two buildings and left to rot. Both appear to have been here for a long time.

It brings me back to the saying that if it is to good to be true, it probably is. But, I have learned in our hobby that is not always the case. Yes, barn finds have slowed a little but, neglected cars are holding firm.
Sounds like a stock market report and maybe it should be. If you find them cheap enough and sell them at the right price you will make more money than the rigged stock market. But these cars are not hidden. The are both easy to see and it might be a case where the owner is just not biting on offers. One never knows.

I recall a story about a garage in the not so nice area of town. The story was the owner had a couple of really nice cars in there. So, one day I drive over and figured I would take a chance. Well, I got out of my car and was greeted by two furious dogs. They did not want me on that property and wanted me to know it. I looked around the best I could without becoming dinner that night. I yelled for the owner or anyone on site to help me. No answer except those terrifying dogs. I waited and watched for life but never saw anyone.

Figuring I was running out of luck I decided to get the heck out of there before my lucky streak ended. I never did find out if the story was true and never had the guts to return. My point is there are cars out there and you must dig a bit deeper if you want to find them. Yes I am bewildered how these two cars can just sit and collect dust but let’s be honest about one thing. There are people who get mighty angry when strangers come on to there property and start snooping around. They may be a brick or two shy of a full load so don’t find yourself in a spot that you cannot control your safety. Time might be on your side but don’t tempt fate. It’s only a car after all and finding yourself at the end of a shot gun is not worth the risks. However, if you find a true rarity, it’s worth pursuing. Just be cautious.

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