Prototype Hunting: A AWD 2018 Dodge Charger Hellcat??

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In the Rocky Mountains of Colorado, the guys from TFLcar were out doing their usual hunting for high altitude car testing, when they came across a few Dodge Charger Hellcats. What could these 707 horsepower beasts be doing here?

One of the Chargers is a 392 and the others is a Hellcat. Are they there to test out a 4WD system or for an even more powerful engine? Are they really there just to hunt a Sasquatch in the snowy terrain?
The reasoning for a four-wheel-drive testing scenario is it kind of makes sense. The Dodge to be able to put all that power down on the road with a 4WD system may be the way forward.

The Jeep Track Hawk was recently announced with a hellcat engine, the 2015 SEMA show had a Dodge Challenger with 4WD. Could this be fused with the Hellcat engine?

Nothing is official at this point, but the signs look like there could be future four-wheel-drive Dodge Charger and Challenger Hellcats on the horizon.

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