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Probably The Best 1965 Buick Riviera On The Streets

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By David Ashton

You know when a car crash your attention and holds it, you start pulling funny faces and saying things like, ‘ohh’ and ‘arrrh’ from its sheer beauty. This 1965 Buick Riviera is no exception.

The ad. says over 1000 hours have gone into the detailing of this car, and it definitely shows both inside and out.

The car’s numbers matching with a Wildcat 445 Nailhead engine, with Thrush Mufflers and not straight tubes. It also has a height adjustable air ride suspension with control unit.
The exterior of the car is a custom turquoise paint that looks incredible, with a custom “Creme De Menthe on the Riviera” paint job on each rear fender.

The interior is just as amazing with custom leather seats and real-wood Ebony Macassar here and there. That wood isn’t cheap so, it hints at the idea of quality here.

It sounds like this car has had a thorough restoration as you can see from the list below and judging on the price, it could be a lot higher for muscle car as cool as this one.

The only real downside I can see here is the high mileage, but like any car, if you are interested, you will have to check it out in person, currently located in Cupertino, California.

If everything is what it says on the tin, this Buick Riviera is a definite car you could be proud of.

Engine: Wildcat 445 Nailhead 6.6L 401Cu. In. V8
Transmission: 3 Speed Automatic.
Mileage: 122,700
Price: US $25,900.00


Overview of the work that has been done:

1) New Heater core and rebuilt factory A/C system (new vacuum lines, dehydrator and perfectly restored A/C control unit)

2) Rebuilt ventilation system with new powerful Blower Motor

3) New Water pump with 6 blade high volume fan (no overheating issues)

4) Power steering fluid and both hoses (pressure and return) exchanged

5) Brakes maintained and brake fluid exchanged

6) Radiator recored and new 50/50 coolant mix used (no corrosion)

7) Freshly rebuilt clam shell headlight motor (very rare), fused and fully protected against burn out

8) Recent Wheel alignment

9) Brand new firewall and dynamat extreme mats installed for best heat and sound insulation

10) Professionally installed sound system with Alpine amp in the trunk and high-end loudspeakers in the front and back. AUX-In inside the console to connect your external music players

11) Top notch Edelbrock carburetor installed

12) Height adjustable Air suspension system with control under the dash board and compressor in the trunk

13) Shaved door handles with remote controlled solenoid actuators

14) Custom interior with gorgeous real-wood Ebony Macassar panels

15) Thrush Mufflers installed, great throaty sound and not straight pipes

16) Dash clock restored to perfection




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