PriuSRT8 Vs. Demon Drag Race

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By Dave Ashton

When I first saw this video I wanted to ignore it. Stick my head in the sand and pretend it didn’t exist. A Prius beating a Dodge Demon?!? Oh, no. However, things are never what they seem on the dragstrip and what lies under the hood of each car.

On paper the Demon is a full-blown 6.2-liter V8 with 808HP, tops 840HP. The Prius is basically a washing machine on wheels. So watching one beat a Demon is a hard pill to swallow. But the good news here is that the real winner is the Hellcat engine. The PriuSRT8 has been retrofitted with a Hellcat engine by American Racing Headers and has been completely modified to take all that power. In other words, the only Prius bits left is arguably the body shell. Its a Prius in looks only. After all the modifications it can supposedly make 1,000Hp and do a quarter mile in 9.38 seconds at 147 mph.

Sticking a huge engine in a super lightweight car up against a heavyweights such as the Demon, the lighter car will always win. All that extra muscle the Demon carries is there to hold it together in the long run. The Prius is a bit like borrowing Usain Bolt’s legs and strapping them on a sinewy teenager to run the 100m. Also, ignore the commentary as the talk should have been about how a modified car with a Hellcat engine can compete against a Demon.

So fear not muscle car lovers, the conclusion here is that the hellcat engine is good enough to be retrofitted into any vehicle and turn it into a beast, even one that on paper is nowhere near built for the job. Prius fans may initially rejoice that an eco-friendly vehicle is even faster than a top end muscle car, but only one retrofitted with more or less the same engine and tons of aftermarket parts.
A much better conclusive run would have been a Prius with a souped up electric engine against the Demon to see how electric power compares against old school displacement. Electrics are quicker off the line due to their instant torque, but gas power catches up and beats them in the long run.

The PriuSRT8 is a great proof of concept build, but anybody would take home the Demon given the choice.

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