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Power Tv Show: Tommy Egan’s Amazing Mustang

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By David Ashton

After binge watching the New York gritty drama from Starz on Netflix, ‘Power‘ you can’t help but be impressed by the character Tommy Egan’s (Joseph Sikora) Mustang for various reasons.

After going through all three seasons, the two main characters of Ghost(Joseph Sikora) and Tommy Egan are not just identifiable by their onstage presence, but also at times their vehicles. Ghost tends to be chauffeured around in an SUV while Tommy’s bright blue Mustang pops up regularly, almost as a character in itself. You see, the Mustang, know it’s Tommy and something gangsta is going to happen!

Tommy Egan Mustang

Some websites have identified the car as a 1967 Ford Mustang Super Snake Eleanor GT, while others say it is 1969 Mustang Coupé. Kinda looks like a 69 model to me with no identifying markers to say its a Super Snake or such.
The car in the early season looks dark blue with a black interior, while later on, it’s a light blue version.
As with any TV show, cars are rarely stock original versions, so it’s really down to the regular presence of a classic Mustang that counts here.

Apart from the show being a fantastic watch, its the fact a classic muscle/pony car is being featured regularly in a show, almost harking back to the days of Bullitt, where the car itself was a minor star.
There is no back story to say why the character Tommy prefers a classic. Even before the character Ruiz is ended by Tommy, Ruiz says how is father drove one, which had no response from Tommy’s character. which means up to this point, it’s up to the viewer to work out the back history.

You can check out the episodes here on the Starz website.

Tommy Egan Mustang

Tommy Egan Mustang

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