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Pontiac Trans Am Kammback Concept Oddity Now Up For Auction

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By Dave Ashton

Utility versions of muscle cars have always been thin on the ground, apart from things like the El Camino and Ford’s Ranchero, but it seems Pontiac had a go in 1985 with the Kammback concept.

The name Kammback comes from Wunibald Kamm, a German engineer and one of the prototypes is coming up for sale at Barrett Jackson’s 2017 auction between January 14 and 22nd, Lot #1245. The Pontiac is equipped with a 305CI G-code HO V8 engine with a five-speed manual transmission and boasts some luxuries including air conditioning, Power steering, brakes and windows, tilting steering wheel, AM/FM stereo cassette, glass T-tops and T/A mag wheels. The interior has Dove Gray leather trim with all the vehicle being in #1 condition. After failing in 1985 this car was stored by GM for 13 years until a local Detroit dealer bought and restored the vehicle.

This oddity never went into production, but it does have some design features that show that Pontiac had future plans for this vehicle. The rear of the vehicle cuts off to a flat tail, reducing drag and allowing for higher top speed and better fuel economy. Cargo space is also ample with it being used as a Pace car for the PPG and IMSA Race Series.


As the vehicle is an original concept car, it doesn’t have a title, but only a bill of sale, meaning it’s going to be hard work getting it licensed for the road. The car was sold in 2007 at RM Sotheby’s with the same VIN number 0000EX4796 for $66,000, that listing showed a four speed manual transmission, while this one lists it as a five-speed?? The same was sold in 2010 for $35,200. The car has also been featured in various magazines over the years and comes with a 3 ring binder documenting the car’s history. It will be interesting to see what the final auction price will be for what is a very unique 80’s Pontiac.

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