Pontiac GTO’s: Condition 1 To Condition Billion, Which One?

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This post is essentially about showing you two extremes, both ends of the scale, polar opposites or a condition 1 vehicle and a condition billion vehicle.
Both have their positive and negative sides, which really depends ultimately on the person buying the car.

There will always be a debate between which is the best route to go when buying a muscle car. Some will say only buy a properly restored vehicle or a least a very well maintained car. The advantages, all the hard work has been done for you and you have peace of mind everything should work properly. Disadvantages, it costs more.
Cars needing restoration will cost you less initially, but could cost you potentially more ongoing in time (time should be a factor) and money. You also need the skills and resources to turn a potential wreck into a masterpiece.

Think about the process of renovating a house vs a house ready to live in. One costs less than the other, one will take far more time to get into liveable condition than the other, so it’s a balance between your time resources, money resources and really the many other factors in your life. The same with a car.
You need to be well aware of what you are taking on and the work involved.

Which brings us on to our two example vehicles.
These are not recommendations, these are just to highlight the examples at the two extremes of the market and we thought to pick which is arguably one of the original muscle cars, the 1966 Pontiac GTO.

Quite honestly, the gold GTO you see below will take a brave man or team to take this car from what you see to the finished article.
If anyone out there does buy this gold GTO and restores it back to factory condition, we would love to see the images, not just of the final car restoration project, but also the blood, sweat and tears of getting it to final condition.

Judge for yourselves, which route you would take considering everything from time to money to sheer hard work to nagging off the wife…….all important factors!

1966 Pontiac GTO Gold
Price: US $6,999.00
Check out the rust holes on the underside of the car. You need to be a black belt in welding to take on this job.

Buy Now On Ebay.


1966 Pontiac GTO 389 Tri-Power.
Engine: 389Cu. In. V8 tri-power.
Drive Type: 4 speed posi.
Price: US $62,000.00

No expense spared, with 90K already invested in the car.
The cream of the crop.

Buy Now On Ebay.


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