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How Did This Pontiac End Up On Top OF This Train?

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By Mark Weisseg

In the course of my life I have seen cars fly on buildings, houses, lakes, rivers, oceans, underground, on fire, flooded to the roof and so on. But I came along this picture of a Pontiac on top of a locomotive and was stumped. Just as the first responders. Was it a promotional stunt, a college prank, or did the Pontiac fly up to the locomotive?

I want to remind all of you gear heads that a loco as we call them are really giant electric generators. Many moons ago they were powered by throwing wood or coal in the shoot to provide power for the engines. Today those engines are basically generators. Diesel engines provide power to generators to be a pulled or pushed depending if the loco is pulling a load or pushing a load but, lets go back to the fazed witness who first saw this car rigged atop the locomotive. How did it get there? Why is it there? Is there a purpose or is it a silly prank?

Now that we know where it is, how do we get it down? A crane? Build a road? Wrap a big sling under it? So many questions with so few answers. The real story is a mystery. According to the article nobody seemed to know how the Pontiac got up there and why. The locals managed to get it earth bound again so if you can test your brain I ask you the following.
I do have a theory. You know how at one time NASA transported the space shuttle across the country by flying it on the back of a specially made 747? Well, I believe Pontiac was transporting locomotives for the rail unions by driving down rail tracks in a GTO. Smoother ride, quieter, and much more efficient. This way the locomotives could be taken to any city in style and comfort. Sound reasonable? Of course not, it’s pure bs. So,what’s the real story?

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