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Plymouth Rapid Transit System: The Complete Muscle Car System

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In 1968 Dodge had their own program for the Charger R/T, Coronet R/T, Dodge GTS, Swinger 340 and Superbee. The program included, graphics, brochures, clubs, decals and wearables.

Plymouth, not to be upstaged, decided two years later they would have their own program and included the Roadrunner, GTX, sports Fury GT, Barracuda and Duster 340.

From the sales literature at the time:
‘We now have a system. An integrated program… It’s a total concept in high-performance transportation which combines the lessons learned in competition, an information network, people who understand high-performance, trick parts and great products. The Rapid Transit System is years of racing experience at Daytona, Indianapolis, Riverside, Irwindale, Cecil County. It’s the race cars themselves drag racing cars, Grand National stackers, rally and Championship cars. And it’s the input (and output) gained from all this racing.

The Rapid Transit System is information — the straight scoop from us to you — on how to tune and modify your car, which equipment to use, and how to set the whole thing up for racing. (The subject matter covers everything from this high-performance car catalog, to Supercar Clinics, to Road Runner decals, to tips on full-race Hemis.) … The System is high-performance parts — special cams, manifolds, pistons, bearings, etc. — which are now more readily available through parts centers strategically located across the country. ‘

‘What the system does differently, is come through with everything connected to high performance. Puts it all together. And winds up producing some of the best stockers that have ever rolled off an assembly line.’

The program was only in force a few short years but it gave Plymouth fans the ability to turn their machines into anything they wanted them to be with guidance from Plymouth. Everything you could ever need and with so many permutations, possibly every option you could think of at the time.

What’s just as fascinating is the way they promoted the program. from the imagery to the text, it shouts the late 60s and early 70s, with bright colours and aspiration, where the muscle car was not just a statement but also the foundation to build your Plymouth into anything you want it to be.

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