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The Plymouth Prowler, Killed In Action

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I remember when Plymouth or I should say Chrysler Corporation introduced the Plymouth Prowler.

At first glance I was hooked. I thought it was a great idea to have a new and improved street rod car. It had one nasty look to it with that crazy front end.
However, I dug a bit deeper and found it had a weak V6 engine under the hood. Oh no I thought, bad idea. Who the heck wants a weak engine in a hot rod looking car?
It was a two seater and I get that. The newer T birds were two seaters as were the Corvettes and other cars. So, no big deal there.

Out of the gate the sales were stiff. Reliability issues starting coming to life and I began having second thoughts. I drove one soon after and I very much disliked the car. The visibility was bad, the car rode hard, and it really was a bad choice on the engine side. I knew it was going to bomb soon. The car never gained any real traction and sales began to fall. Sure it was a niche car and not a family hauler but the car had too many soft areas for people to love it.

Sure enough, sales were bad and Chrysler pulled the plug. So now what? Will the car be a classic collectable? No. Will sales of these zoom? No. Do you see them at auctions for sale? No. Does anyone really want one today? No, No, No. It amazes me how they fell off the radar and that you rarely see them anymore.

Where did they all go? Are they parked in garages waiting for the market to remember them? I hope not as the market is not coming for them. That’s a news flash. I just don’t know where they all went. I have never seen one locally at one of our shows. Now remember, we have one of the largest shows in the country on Friday nights and I have never seen one. DOA. Stunning. All great words to use I guess but if you want one I guess the price will be low. But, like any car, pushed to the sidelines, could they be ripe for ‘hotrodding’ the hotrod? Another engine, upgrade the suspension and brakes, etc.
There have been plenty of vehicles in the past ignored or got a bad rep. only to be a hot rodders dream.

There’s always two sides to a story. The Plymouth Prowler maybe one of them.

By Mark Weisseg

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