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Plum Crazy: A Reminder Of The Golden Years.

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By Mark Weisseg

Not too many cars stop me in my tracks anymore but this one is the exception. The picture sets the table for a Plum Crazy Cuda, white interior and the shadows where they belong. Where the car belongs is in my driveway of course.

I was a lucky kid growing up in that my older brothers had friends with these types of cars. I was around for the first go around. I recall very well the 69 GTO, the 65 Red Mustang, the red Challenger, the purple and white Super Bee and many more. As a whiny pain in the rump kid I managed to get rides in all these great cars back in the day when they were all new. Nobody had any idea they would be our classics some 40 plus years later.
I had a favorite when I was a kid as a local guy had a red ’65 Mustang. Black interior and automatic transmission. A couple of guys nearby also had Dodge Demons with the 340 engines that were down right scary fast. These guys all would do burnouts in front of our house as did the little red Mustang. They found out pouring some white bleach on the tires and black top would make a white cloud we borrowed Mom’s supply. All in the name of making a huge white cloud and the smell of rubber. Wow, did we ever enjoy that. Now, all these years later I see this picture of a dead drop beautiful plum crazy Challenger and its instantly a reminder of those days.

Sure, I like all the creature comforts of today’s automobiles but I miss the older cars deeply. When you drive a Chevelle you knew it blindfolded. You knew what a Chrysler starter sounded like and so on. Heck, half of the cars built today are so bland that they feel like people movers and not cars. The younger generation today really missed out on the best time to be alive in the 50s to late 70’s for automobiles. I wish I had a recording of more of the cars back then. It was so unique and beautiful. Now, I think the most popular color for a car is white. Yawn. Zzzzzzzz

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