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Playboy Models And Muscle Cars

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Over the years, Playboy models and Playboy bunnies have gone hand-in-hand with muscle cars.
It’s a heady mix, enough to raise most people’s blood pressure.

The irony of the Playboy franchises that over the years they have featured some great articles on cars, made even more removing the Playboy model draped over the hood.

Here are some of the Playboy models from over the years with some standout muscle cars.

Donna Michelle Playmate of the year 1964 in a 1964 pink Ford Mustang.

Allison Parks 1966 Playmate of the Year, with a 1966 Dodge Charger.

Lisa Baker Playmate of the Year in 1967, with a Plymouth Barracuda.

Angela Dorian Playmate of the Year 1968, with a a pink AMC AMX.


Connie Kreski Playmate of the year 1969, in a 1969 with a Shelby GT500.

Claudia Jennings Playmate of the Year in 1970 with a pink Mercury Capri.


Liv Lindeland, Playmate of the year in 1972 with a pink De Tomaso Pantera.

Patti McGuire Playmate of the Year 1977, with a Dodge Charger SE Midnight Edition.

Donna Edmondson Playmate of the year 1987, with a a cherry red Corvette.

Heather Kozar Playmate of the Year in 1999, with a Shelby Cobra CSX 4000.

..and for good luck, Annalynne McCord and a Dodge Viper.

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