The Pittsburgh Vintage Grand Prix

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By Mark Weisseg

Last weekend, The Pittsburgh Vintage Grand Prix hosted over 3,200 vehicles, with over 200,000 spectators.

It’s called the Pittsburgh Grand Prix and lasts about two weeks. The highlight is the last weekend when they race vintage racing cars from the past on the city streets of Schenley Park.

In my pictures off in the distance you can see Oakland. That is where the University of Pittsburgh is all the world renowned Hospitals. The big tall building is called the cathedral of learning which happens to be very close to Heinz chapel and one of the Carniege free libraries and Museums.

We were invited by two groups. One was the local Mustang club.
There was a big section that I parked my car in and it is the American car show section. Jam packed with Corvettes, T birds, military jeeps, Mustangs, Challengers, trucks and anything else you can imagine.


The weekend brings in alone about 200 k people. The weather was perfect and the spirits were high. In the background the little British race cars zoomed around the park all day. Nobody hurt, nobody killed, no fights, no gunfire, no litter and about 1000 volunteers helped with that. Vendor tents and plenty of food for anyone.

It’s weird to park your cars and walk around on the Bob Connolly golf course. He is a recent mayor of Pittsburgh who passed away too young. But the event has been going on now for 34 years and they have big plans for year 35.

People from all over the world come here for this two week event. It’s just not at this park, it starts in other parts of the city in many different venues but the highlight is certainly the ending. We visited vendors like Cadillac, Tesla, Chevrolet, Ford and then all the food vendors and local clubs. I have never seen so many Porches or Jaguars in one place in my life. The VW gang, the BMW’s, Audi’s and so on fill up the grassy slopes. All ages of people come out to have a great time. And the cost to get in is…. Nothing. You are free to come and go as you wish. No gates, no stamps on your hand, no wristbands, nothing. Just a big free party in the city on a landmark golf course.

As the event gets bigger and better each year, I advise you to check out the next years event and put in your diary.

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