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Picks OF The Day: Its Quads! 4 Chevy Yenko To Go At Auction.

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We usually get a mild heart flutter whenever we see a Yenko version of a muscle car.

Don Yenko originally set up a performance shop for Chevrolet vehicles in 1957 and by 1965 using the special order system, he upgraded cars from the engine, steering, transmission and suspension, making these into ‘Syc’ – Yenko Super Cars.

Now these Yenko enhanced muscle cars as some of the rarest of their era, with 4 of them coming up for sale at Mecum, Kissimmee on Jan 15-24th 2016.
Two beautiful Camaros and two incredible Chevelles.

Let’s do the usual, check out all for examples of these beautiful Chevy Yenkos below and see which one you would choose.

1969 Chevrolet Yenko Camaro
– Fresh professional restoration performed by Super Car Workshop in Latrobe, PA
– COPO 9561 L72 engine package
– COPO 9737 Sports Car Conversion package
– Matching numbers L72 427/425 HP engine
– 4-speed transmission
– Power front disc brakes
– 140 MPH speedometer
– Steward Warner column-mounted tach
– Rally wheels
– Goodyear Wide Tread GT tires
– Front and rear spoilers


It follows common Yenko practice by combining both COPO 9561 and 9737 packages, the former including the iron-block MN-code L72 427/450 HP V-8, Muncie 4-speed manual transmission, heavy-duty suspension, power front disc brakes, special ducted hood, heavy-duty cooling and 4.10:1 BE-code Positraction rear axle. The Yenko-inspired COPO 9737 Sports Car Conversion package added a 13/16-inch front stabilizer bar, 15×7-inch Rally wheels with E70x15 tires, and a 140 MPH speedometer.


1969 Chevrolet Yenko Camaro -red

– Professional restoration by Dave Tinnel in the early 2000s
– Recently refreshed to show-quality standards
– COPO 9561 L72 engine package
– COPO 9737 Sports Car Conversion package
– Original matching numbers L72 427/425 HP engine
– Original 4-speed transmission
– Original BE-code 4.10 rear end
– Z21 style trim group
– Z23 special interior group
– Correct carburetor, alternator, water pump and starter
– New Black interior and vinyl top
– Stewart Warner column-mounted tach
– 140 MPH speedometer
– Front and rear spoilers
– Goodyear Wide Tread GT tires
– Hugger Orange with Black Yenko stripes
– Sold new at Yenko Chevrolet
– COPO Connection verification


The Yenko Super Camaro incorporated Chevrolet’s COPO 9561 package, which included the Corvette’s optional L72 427/425 HP big-block V-8 engine, a heavy-duty Muncie 4-speed, BE-code 4.10 12-bolt Positraction rear end, 4-core radiator and F41 suspension. In this example, those elements, including such valuable details as the carburetor, alternator, water pump and starter, are original to the car and complemented by the COPO 9737 Sports Car Conversion option that included power front disc brakes, a 13/16-inch front sway bar, a 140 MPH speedometer and Stewart Warner column-mounted tach.


1969 Chevrolet Yenko Chevelle
– 1 of 99 1969 COPO 9562 Yenko Chevelles Produced
– MQ-suffix special high-performance L72 427/425 HP
– M21 close-ratio 4-speed Muncie transmission
– Heavy-Duty 4.10 12 bolt rear differential
– KQ-coded heavy duty suspension
– Power front disc brakes
– 15×7-inch rally wheels
– Black Strato bucket seats
– 1 of 16 painted Butternut Yellow



1969 Chevrolet Yenko Chevelle
– One of the most original Yenko Chevelles in existence
– Unrestored with 30,087 original miles
– Said by many to be the finest original example
– Formerly part of the Otis Chandler collection
– Only 99 Yenko Chevelles were produced
– Less than 50 remain in existence today
– COPO 9562 L72 engine package
– COPO 9737 Sports Car Conversion
– Original 427/425 HP engine
– Rare automatic transmission with Yenko installed floor shift
– Original LeMans Blue with Black interior
– Heavy duty suspension
– Special 4.10 rear axle
– 4 core radiator
– Yenko Stuart Warner gauges
– Unique bullet outside mirror
– Original documentation including broadcast sheet
– Documented per the Yenko inventory sheets
– Registered with the SuperCar Registry

Chevrolet built a total of 323 COPO Chevelles in 1969, all based on the base Malibu coupe rather than the SS version. All were equipped with the solid-lifter L72 427/425 HP big-block V-8, a choice of heavy-duty 4-speed manual or 3-speed automatic transmissions and a specific 12-bolt 4.10:1 Positraction rear end. Heavy-duty suspension, power front disc brakes and heavy-duty cooling were also part of the COPO, as were SS-style blackout front grilles and tail panels, a Super Sport hood and bucket seats. Like its Camaro counterpart, the COPO Chevelle was aimed at NHRA Super Stock SS/D competition, but many made it out onto the nation’s boulevards and back roads, where their plain-Jane looks surprised many a challenger with their ferocious performance.

The 99 COPO Chevelles sold under the banner of Yenko Chevrolet in Canonsburg, Pennsylvania, are among the rarest of the COPO Chevelles.


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