The Physics Of Launching A Rear Wheel Drive

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It used to be that if I even heard mention of the word physics, my brain would automatically shutdown. That’s until I learned the importance of the subject. We all live and learn.

Jason Fenske of ‘Engineering Explained’ is able to package complicated subjects into an easy and understandable way, making brain shut down less likely.
This he does in this video, showing you how to get the best from a rear wheel vehicle. The physics behind accelerating from a complete stop for instance.
The video is broken down into easily understandable chunks, such as explaining the movements of the center of gravity in a car to provide more acceleration. The physics and maths are there, but it’s explained in a straightforward way.

If you’re still put off by watching this video, think of it this way. Everything about the vehicle you drive at the moment was born out of some form of maths and physics. We just take that stuff for granted on a daily basis.

So check out the video and learn how you too can launch your rearwheel drive with the help of a bit of physics knowledge.

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