Peugeot’s e-Legend Concept: A New Electric Muscle Car?

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By David Ashton

When it comes to muscle cars, anything outside the American staple of makers and Australian muscle cars are usually out of the club. However, it seems that a few reports online have been naming Peugeot’s new electric e-Legend Concept vehicle as a muscle car, or at least having muscle car aesthetics.

We usually ignore most makers who just like to slap the muscle car monica onto their vehicles. But this design could indicate something we might see on future muscle cars, it just comes from a non-muscle car make. It’s going to be the way of things at some point in the future that electric vehicles will dominate the roads and these will have to include muscle cars. This means that some of the conventions associated with muscle cars up to now, most importantly V8 engines will be replaced with, well an electric equivalent V8?? Until that day comes, its the outward design of the modern muscle cars that most people associate with the breed.

Associating the term Peugeot with muscle cars on the surface are complete polar opposites. A French carmaker and electric. You might as well stop there for most. But for the breed to live on into the electric world having a muscle car exterior design, big power although from electric and relatively affordable compared to other top end performance vehicles means the new definition of a muscle car will need completely rewriting. Although Peugeot will never be a muscle car maker, the e-Legend is showing that a futuristic muscle car design with the right elements of influence from the past may just work.

The e-Legend has a 100 kWh battery pack, giving 600 km of range to all four wheels and 0 to 100 km/h in less than 4 seconds, with a top speed of 220 km/h. The car hopes to have the usual electronic wizardry like autonomous driving modes, retractable steering wheel and voice-activated AI. It’s a bit like Blade Runner meets¬†Bullitt in a kind of way.

It could be that some of these early electric car concepts from other makers may influence how the muscle cars will move forward into the future and still keep their identity. Nearly everybody recognises and loves the exterior designs of a muscle car (why the name gets bandied about so much), but it’s what going to go under the hood which is still a big debatable point. As the video below states, bring something back from the past and integrated it with new technology seems to be the way to go.

The video below shows the e-Legend from Paris Motor Show

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