Original Footage Of The Infamous Camaro With Train Blower

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By Dave Ashton

This Chevrolet Camaro with a train blower strapped on certainly did the rounds when it first hit the Internet, so here is the original footage for you to enjoy. Obviously not your conventional way to supercharging an engine and the video gives you a little insight into why this monstrous attachment was added to the shiny red Camaro.

The video says that the below originally came from a freight train rescued from a junkyard and look so cool they just had to try sticking it on a vehicle. The blower was actually attached to the engine with a special belt made to make everything go.
The guy who made the car said when he first started up the car with the freight train blower he only touched the throttle a little and the front of the car raised up by an inch and blew both head gaskets. The car is yet to do a pass on the strip and most likely hasn’t done since due to the potential carnage.


It may not be something that will be winning any races, but it’s definitely something that sparks imagination. Check out the full video to see this insane creation.

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