Orange Is The New Black

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A study by vehicle website iSeeCars shows that when choosing car colors, men go for orange, brown and yellow, while women are more likely to choose gold, silver and beige.

The study looked at 30 million used vehicles and the requests that shoppers made while on the website, then separated the data into gender.

There have always been standards in color choices for the different genders, men traditionally going for red and black vehicles, usually associated with sports muscle cars, but now orange has gained 73.3% in popularity.
Which concludes that the sports or muscle cars men tend to go for orange, red and black, while women are more likely to go for the colors gold, silver and beige.
More vibrant colours have also been found to be growing in popularity.
The findings do conclude that overall, silver shades are generally the evergreen color for most car buyers.

Popularity of colors in the car market don’t come and go as readily as the fashion industry, but there are obviously periods of fashionable colors which come and go.
Oranges really knows prize is a popular color, ask any classic muscle car enthusiast about their favorite colors of car unusually ‘Hugger Orange’ is thrown into the mix.
It’s not really that surprising as you could say orange is a mix of red and yellow, two of the most popular colors anyway.

But why is this information you useful to the average buyer?
if you want the loudest, most outrageous looking car, you go for what ever you like the best, but if you are considering resale value, you want to be picking car colors which are evergreen, such as silvers, whites and blacks, but that also depends on which car you choose.

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