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One More For The Road: Not A Good Idea In A Muscle Car

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By Mark Weisseg

That term was used forever and I guess it still is. When I was working and had a company car I really watched what I was drinking and how much. I could never drink before driving, it just wasn’t worth my job, but that doesn’t mean others may follow the same path.The blood alcohol limits are so tight now. It does not take much to be considered legally drunk.

Well, meanwhile back at the picture. It’s worse than you can see here. There are more cars damaged than just these two. It’s more like five or six. Why and how? A drunk driver lost control of his car and managed to take out these and other Corvettes.

They were sitting in the parking lot waiting to be sold. Now, they are all destroyed. The driver was not hurt bad. Yes, he was in big chief trouble, but what a mess. The lesson here is not to pick on Corvettes for your target if you don’t like them. The story board here is no drunk driving. It can be stopped. You know when you had to much. Your companions with you know too. Uber and other sources are the better choices when you slur your words and the room has two of everything.

High horse power vehicles and alcohol are not a good mix ( unless it goes in the fuel tank) so simply separate the two activities.

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