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One Of The Best 1965 Ford Mustang Fastback Resto Mod

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Engine: Keith Craft 427 V8 553hp 575ft/lbs
Transmission: Manual

BUY NOW 1965 Ford Mustang Fastback

This incredible looking Mustang Fastback is one of those no expense spared, let’s take this to the extreme type rides.

As soon as you see the asking price of $275,000.00, you’ll see that everything on this car is as good as it gets from the exterior, right through to the drivetrain.
‘The exterior of the car has 27 modifications that are almost unnoticeable. We took what already existed and just really improved it. From the front of the car we lowered the front valance 5″ and added a solid black satin mesh insert. On the sides of the valance we recessed “4 fogs lights and at the bottom of the valance we molded on a small tasteful lip. The front bumper was narrowed and bolts were shaved. We also shortened the sides about 2 1/2 inches and then backed it into the car for a very tight clean look. There is over $10k in bumpers alone. The grill received the same black satin mesh and the small 3 fins on each side of the headlights were opened up and received the mesh also. The trim In front of the mesh was smoothed out and painted black to disappear. The led headlights are from a new style Harley.
The hood is all steel and custom fabricated with mesh insets custom latch with release from inside and finished in gloss black on bottom same as top. The cowls and wipers removed and smoothed out. The side rockers we lowered about 2″ for a lower look and to cover up pinch rails and look factory.
The side indentations were factory buy only 1/2″ deep. We decided to leave them were they were but just accentuate them. So from the front of the car we started with the 1/2″ indentation and pushed it into the doors gradually to end up with about a 2″ side air pocket by the back wheels. It looks factory and in the air pocket we added a mesh insert. We even created a small vent all the way through to cool the back brakes.
Door handles and locks shaved with remote windows and trunk. One billet mirror painted black to match the car. The side grill vents were frenched in also. Baer 6 piston brakes and 14” rotors.
Wheels are custom made by FORGE LINE. They have chrome step lips with a concave powered-coated gray center and a center lock. No bolts. Fronts 19/9. Rears 21/11.
Wheels $11k alone.
The back of the car received a small 1 1/2 molded in wing on trunk. Custom made gas cap cover with a satin Mesh rear panel.
The tail lights are custom made to look like the factory ones just much more modern with LED lights behind. Bumper completely cut up and reworked to sit flush to body. Rear valance was lowered to match rockers with a license plate insert. Custom powder coated exhausts.
Every single piece of the body was reworked and refitted with the straightest and smallest gaps possible. 1 million times straighter and tighter body lines then when it came from the factory.’


The car has custom-made wheels by Forge line, which cost over $11,000.

The motor is a Keith Craft racing 427ci. with custom valve covers and custom air intake with a 750 Holly carb.

With over 5000 hours of labor, put into this car over two years with over $400,000 spent, this is probably one of the best Mustang restomods out there.

The question is, do you want it badly enough?




BUY NOW 1965 Ford Mustang Fastback

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