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Are Older Muscle Cars Better Looking Than Today’s Versions?

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By Mark Weisseg

When you hear an older person hope for the return of a way of life or the way it used to be one may snarl. But, in the case of the Ford Ranchero pictured here I must go along. Too many cars today sound alike, look alike, and perform alike. Watch a NASCAR race and it’s still hard to determine what car is what. Is there a connection to the empty stands? According to NASCAR there isn’t but that is just the public relations heads talking. We in middle America know the real answer. How many of us once played the game that you covered your eyes and guessed what kind of car drove by? It was lots and lots of us. How many of us could not wait for the fall of every year to see the new cars introduced? We would wonder if they had a four cylinder, a six, or a myriad of eight cylinder engines. Would it have air conditioning? Would it have power window? All the things we did NOT take for granted as we do today. Today, cars are symbols or a bunch of letters like the X1 2.5 TC.and so on. Nobody knows what all that means. Today when you buy a car it’s almost automatic that it has an array of options unless it’s a Kia Crapo.

Back when this Ford car / truck was introduced it was a big darn deal. Today, in the middle of the year car companies are putting out the 2017 models already. What happened to 2016 in which we live? So many companies, so many models, and for the most part they look very similar. We call that Boring. Let’s jump on the way back machine once again. Did a 1970 Nova look like a 1970 Road Runner? Did a 70 GTO look like a 70 Mustang? No, No, No. Get it, NO. But today they sound the same and look the same. Hotels can look the same, the beach can look the same, the ocean can look the same but why are the young designers afraid to push the envelope? Why all the boring cars? Where is the excitement? The only excitement of late is the Tesla. The press loved it and now they are enjoying ripping it down. Do you hear any big buzz about any new Chevrolet models? Or Dodge? How about Ford? Sure if you want to argue aluminum versus steel go ahead. That debate will be over soon enough. Please, someone do something that grabs our attention and makes us drool and wait in line to buy it. It’s a ho hum industry that imploded on itself due to boredom. Zzzzzzzzz

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