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Oh how I long For Yesterday

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By Mark Weisseg

Yes, a line from a little known band called the Beatles. However, the picture should bring back many fond memories for most of us over 45 years old. Our family had the wagon and the pop up trailer and as a family unit we did all of our vacations this way. Certainly we were not high rollers but we did not know any better. What we did know is we had a nine passenger station wagon that was big, ugly, and slow. We would tool down the highway and look out the windows in glee. We would see other families doing the same thing. The big deal back then was to put a sticker on your car or trailer of all the states and places you traveled too.

However, my brother and I did more than stare out the windows. We would watch out for fast muscle cars and who ever named them first won. We saw everything as the family crossed the two lane highways back in the day. Ironic that those cars were cool then but now those same cars are classics and very desirable. Yes, we saw guys pulling trailers with hot rods and never thought twice about it. Back then the car you drove for groceries was the car you stuck snow tires on as well. If only we had known would we have done any different? I doubt it.

Life had so many twists and turns along the way my guess is we would have been forced to sell it. As a matter of fact my brother had a car with a 426 Wedge engine in it and he sold that for money to get married to the woman he would later divorce. So, you cannot say that you would have somehow saved that special car back in 1969 and brought it out of storage some 40 plus years later.

It has happened but as you know it is very rare. Yes, we all dream of finding the little old lady that has that rare off beat car in her garage. But, they are becoming fewer and fewer. There are many tricks to be done to locate cars just by VIN numbers and so on. Sorry, I am not telling you the secret. But, ever wonder how the guys on TV seem to run across the rare cars? Certainly some owners tip them off to get there 15 minutes of fame but there are other tactics used by each state to locate some cars. Most folks will use finder fees.

I use social media and a wide variety of people. Just yesterday a lady friend tipped me off to an old truck in the heartland of our country. Now, the real work begins. So, this holiday weekend I ask you to be safe, be smart, and ask total strangers you may meet if they have any leads. All they can say is No. So, go forth young man and lady and make a dream a reality.

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