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Nope, Its Not a Superbird…..

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Dodge Charger Daytona-7567655676

By Mark Weisseg

Why should Plymouth have all the fun with the winged Superbird?
You bet that is what the Dodge boys said back in the day. We all talk about Superbirds and hoping to find one in a barn or garage with a Hemi. Zing, Zowie you just figured out your retirement plan. However, I must admit to those of you that snub your noses at a Superbird with just a lowly 440 to get real, it’s a gem. If you do not want it, please let me know and I will give you shipping instructions.

But, this article is about the Dodge Charger Daytona. My gosh it looks and sounds like a Superbird because it was its sister.
The Bird gets all the attention and glory but the Charger Daytona is just as sweet as it’s sister. I guess Plymouth just had a deeper marketing budget because all we hear about is the Plymouth Superbird. All fine and dandy but the Daytona was one bad dude on the street and track and my opinion piece here is, do not forget the Charger.
I trust if you opened a old rickety barn door and saw the Dodge in there you would not shut the door and say to move on, nothing here. Again, if you do, call me right away and I will help.

These two cars were monsters on and off the track. Some would argue the nose cone was an add on feature that was odd and bulky. I saw one of these at our regular car show and the place was buzzing. Yes, it only had the lowly, 440 engine but who cares? That car was swamped with people snapping pictures and looking at it in awe. It made me think, gee, if I sold my collection, sold the house, ate weiners for a year and never bathed I could buy a hemi Daytona or Superbird too.

Well, I don’t like hot dogs that much so I canned the idea for this year. It would almost be like finding a Nova in a garage with a 454 and saying, ” forget it, it’s not a Yenko”. It’s silly. Basically, Enjoy every car you have.

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