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The Nine Absolute Worst Muscle Cars Ever Built

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How sick of reading, “My Top Ten Favorite Muscle Cars,” posts are you? They are everywhere on the web, to be sure. Since this is my first post on Fast Muscle Cars, let’s talk the worst muscle cars ever built instead.

1974 Pontiac GTO

The ’74 Pontiac GTO is widely considered the first muscle car. With such a standard set, the GTO was wildly successful. Going from an options package again, coming full circle. By this point, the original GTO no longer existed and Pontiac did their best to convince our parents otherwise. That’s why it’s number one on my list of the worst muscle cars ever made.

1976-77 Dodge Charger Daytona

Dodge committed the egregious act of name misappropriation by taking the name of the highly acclaimed Charger Daytona and assigned it to its wretched two-door personal luxury car hoping to sell a few more to the unsuspecting. The 1976-77 Charger Daytona was little more than a set of stripes, which is why it made number two on this list.

1978 Ford Mustang King Cobra

Here we have a car that’s a mishap on the Mustang’s otherwise nearly impeccable history. This example of poor execution is a punchline to jokes. The only good thing about this car was that you never had to change the

engine control module

in it. Mainly because it didn’t have one. I won’t kick a dead horse, so, let’s move on to the next muscle clunker.

1976-1980 Plymouth Volare Road Runner

Plymouth attached the Road Runner in a desperate effort to sell its abysmal mid-sized Volare coupe. The Road Runner was available with an optional 360 V8 that produced up to only 195 hp depending on model year. Ouch.

1978 AMC Gremlin GT

Upon its launch, the Gremlin was a genuinely polarizing car. Some loved the design; some hated it. By 1978, the model had been around for eight years, and the design had grown tired. AMC did their best in mid-season to keep their Gremlin alive by adding flared wheel openings, and aluminum overlay instrument panel. The public bought only 3,000 of these pigs with lipstick.

1982 Pontiac Trans Am

In the case of the 1982 Pontiac Trans Am, what was under the hood didn’t match up to the exterior. That’s all I have on it.

1978-1979 Oldsmobile 4-4-2

In the 1960’s, the 4-4-2 was the name of Oldsmobile’s performance model. It’s hard to imagine how someone thought the name could stretch to the 1978 version. I call it a big fail, and that’s why it made my number seven on my list of the worst muscle cars ever made.

1972 Mercury Montego GT

The design was pleasant to look at, the pathetic 302 2-barrel was inadequate, especially in horsepower.

1976 Ford Maverick Stallion

This steed was notably lacking. This tasteless car is an unflattering reflection of the disco era. If you own one, shame on you.

Muscle cars spark a lot of enthusiasm as they present an embodiment of both power and visual beauty. The nine lemons we just covered together were severely lacking in these areas and will forever be considered atrocities in the history of muscle cars in my book. If you disagree with any of my sentiments, I look forward to hearing where you think I missed the mark! 



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