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Next Gen. Mustang To Get AWD And Electric Powertrain

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By Dave Ashton

The Ford Mustang has been around since the 1960’s mostly sticking to its original pony car principles along the way. Now it seems times are a-changing with the car being graced by a hybrid drivetrain in 2019 and even a all-wheel drive and full EV model in the coming few years.

Reports at the moment say that the hybrid version will make an appearance in the 2020 model year, with an EV version coming out with the next generation models, being in or after 2022. The same for the AWD model. But will this water down the model or just be adapting to the times?

Advantages of an electric powertrain will be the instant torque, a quicker 0 to 60 mph time, savings on gas prices and joining the club of going green. However, out goes the beautiful tone of the V8 engine and all that goes with it. AWD is another thing purists may hate with the Mustang being traditionally rearwheel drive, but as with the other versions, these features will be optional and just be part of the range.

Getting even weirder, there may even be plans for an electric SUV based on the Mustang. It could even have Mach 1 badging, which may seem an odd choice of naming convention when the Mustang Mach 1 will be most familiar with existing Mustang fans knowing this as a performance name. SUV’s are very popular, Dodge have the Track Hawk performance SUV, so Ford may be planning on getting ahead of the game with an EV performance SUV.

Dodge have an all wheel drive car in their lineup, so why not Ford. The introduction of electric vehicles seems to be the ultimate way of things, but that doesn’t mean the humble V8 engine needs to go away. The V8 has been tried and tested and it’s far too ubiquitous to go away any time soon. These new models will most likely just be integrations into the lineup, see how the public reacts, then go from there. Still, its a bit of getting used to to have an all wheel drive electric Mustang moving silently down the road.


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