New Top Gear Receives Mixed Reactions Online

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After the ousting of Clarkson, Hammond and May, Top Gear UK is now back, but the initial reactions seems to be mixed.

Much hype has surrounded the new presenters,both good and bad as they had a lot to live up to.
Clarkson, Hammond and May had many years to build up their on-screen relationship, which was really the biggest draw of the show. Now the new guys headed up by Chris Evans and Matt Le Blanc, have a lot to prove.

Depending on what and where you read it, the online reviews up to now have gone from ‘positive’ to a ‘diabolical disaster.’

Chris Evans being a veteran of the screen introduces the show like he has done it for years. He also starts off with a reference to his predecessors, ‘we don’t talk about the caterers on this show.’
Le Blanc is a great counterpoint to Evans with more of a laid-back delivery and bringing some of the American swagger to the show.

The fullest rundown comes from the British paper the Telegraph, giving a blow by blow rundown of the show and online comments. the Irish, giving a happy medium of the reviews.

The main takeaway here is this is just the first episode and you have to give it time to see if this new line up gels as well as the last.

One thing is for sure, now the show has an American presenter, there should be a larger showing of US vehicles and hopefully muscle cars.
Like anything, time will tell.

Has the show still got all has it lost its appeal? Comment below.




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