New ‘No Pills’ Dodge Demon Video Has Incredible Engine Note

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By Dave Ashton

The latest teaser video for the Dodge Challenger SRT Demon reveals another cryptic clue to the final specifications of this monster vehicle.

This time the video starts with the Dodge Demon on the drag strip with a close-up of the plate, stating ‘3.9+221=405’, which has already started the Internet buzzing with ideas to what these cryptic numbers mean. The current Dodge Demon information already points to a specific launch control system based on that used by professional drag races, which limits the torque available at the rear wheels by cutting fuel to specific cylinders to control the rear end.

This also ups the revs, closes the supercharger bypass valve, which means the greatest kick for the car at launch. This will also include specific Dodge Demon toolkit and drag specific options like suspension, huge hood scoop and airbox, along with huge rear drag tires.

But back to those cryptic numbers. Some are referring to it being the final HP numbers, some saying a hint towards a 3.9 liter supercharger + 22.1 LBS of boost, but at this point it’s all speculation until the final figures to come out later in the year. At any rate, the Dodge Demon is definitely lining up to be the muscle car of the year.

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