New Mustang Movie!

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New Mustang Movie!


A new movie about the Ford Mustang is to be released, showing the development of the 2015 model and the history leading up to the present day.
According to the press release, ‘“A Faster Horse tells the story of the Ford Mustang, one of the world’s most iconic and recognizable cars. It follows the team entrusted with upholding the legacy of the brand in creating the 2015 model, now 50 years from the original release, while exploring the parallels that exist between past and present day. The history of the car is recounted through stories told by not only the people who are passionate about the Mustang, but also those whose lives have been and continue to be shaped by it. From Mustang clubs all over the world, to the race tracks, the assembly lines, to the fascinating and intense inner workings of an enormous automotive company, A Faster Horse chronicles everything it took to transform a small but courageous idea into an American legend.”

So, Mustang fans and American car fans in general should watch this movie, even if it’s just for the historical significance.

Length: 90 minutes
Director: David Gelb
Screenwriter: Mark Monroe
Producer: Nigel Sinclair, Glen Zipper
Editor: Isaac Hagy
Cinematographer: Will Basanta
Executive Producer: Guy East, Nicholas Ferrall, Alessandro F. Uzielli
Composer: Danny Bensi, Saunder Jurriaans
Co-Producer: Ross Girard

A Faster Horse will premier at the 2015 Tribeca Film Festival, New York City on April 18-25.

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