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Could There Be A New Ford Torino?

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By Mark Weisseg

Could it be that one of the big three is bringing back yet another muscle car from the past? This concept car picture has been making the rounds as a new Ford Torino model.

Look closer and you can see the Cobra snake on the front grille. Clearly it’s a part of the Mustang world and the engine is more than likely the 5.0 or bigger. At first glance I must admit I thought it was a Camaro that someone had modified. That was the first glance as mentioned so I took a deeper dive and saw the Torino name plate.

Just what we need huh? Another name plate dragged up from the 1970’s. Now to be clear there are no rumors, stories, or remote suggestions that Ford will build this in the United States. The car looks cool enough and with that 5.0 or better under the hood the car would certainly be a fun one.

But, I hope Ford stays on track with the Mustang line up. Yes, I admit I own some Mustangs and always look for that edge. This particular concept car does have a striking look to it but it appears that is all it will ever be. Ford has the Focus RS now that appeals to the younger crowd and the Mustang that appeals to all generations. There just does not seem to be a place in the line up for another car. It is great to dream and certainly fun to build a concept car but in the day to day operations all companies are focused on is the bottom line.

A Torino at this point would just add another flavor to an already crowded line up. And let’s face the truth here my friends. The Torino back in its day was known as a mid to large car. Nothing special about the car unless you ordered a GT package. I agree those GT Torino’s were pretty darn cool and were very fast. The issue was that sales were poor and the Torino went the way of the Falcon and Maverick. It was “Poof” and over all to soon.

So, I understand why some would like this car built. But it’s just for now another nice thought. But, imagine one of these with a 5.0 twin turbo eco boost engine. Rear wheel drive, paddle shifter, and factory race wheels, tires, and suspension. It’s enough to make one very happy. But alas Ford already has a hot rod you can buy right now that offers much of what you desire. It’s called the Mustang. If you have not driven one of late I urge you to visit your local Ford dealer and try out the GT-R. It will win you over.

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