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The Mystery Of The Von Piranha 1968 AMC AMX

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Muscle cars pop-up from time to time which are so limited edition, there is little information out there on the car, which starts the rumour mill and the potential history of such a vehicle.
One of these vehicles which has recently done the rounds is the Von Piranha 1968 AMC AMX, which came up earlier this year for sale online.

At first, was it simply a hot rodded AMX or an ultra limited edition? Owners of such vehicles started to document this car online and what it represented.
The car had some unusual features, but at its heart it had the AMX ‘Go Pack.’ The unusual features started with the two sets of air intakes, one on the roof line and a set on the C pillars. The roof line versions were non-functional. The functional ports fed air flow through 3-inch hoses to the rear brakes. The hood had cuts in the bulge sides to increase airflow into the engine bay.

Within the engine bay, the original intake were replaced with a Group 19 R4B intake, with a ‘Piranha ‘ emblem. The original car was thought to have a 950cm Holley three-barrel carb.
The Go Pack option gave you a 390CU V8 with 315 HP, a dual exhaust and power disc brakes.

The stats are fine, but there is still a mystery behind the making of the car itself. Only two examples are known to exist and the paperwork on the car is sketchy at best.
At this point it is known that the Von Piranha was built in Denver, around 1968 to 69. It may have been a promotional package by AMC to help build sales and as many dealerships made additions to showroom cars, this is one possible theory.

At this point, the back history of the Von Piranha 1968 AMC AMX is not complete, but it does present us with another one of those ultra rarities and unique builds from the classic musclecar era.

1968 Von Piranha AMX
Restored by: Unrestored original
Engine: 390ci/315hp V-8
Transmission: BorgWarner M12 Automatic
Rearend: 3.15 with Twin Grip
Interior: Black vinyl bucket seat
Wheels: 14×7 Ansen slotted mag
Tires: E70-14 front, F70-14 rear Peerless Sprint GT
Special parts: Go Package, functional side scoops, non-functional roof scoops, custom hood treatment, headers, Holley 950 three-barrel, Group 19 R4B intake, OE tach.



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