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Muscle Cars: The Great Calming Effect.

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By Mark Weisseg

Everyday most of us experience the stresses of our daily jobs, our health, our children or many other sources. Sometimes the noise of everyday life gets us a bit unnerved.
Some of us use products in excess to relieve the stress while others do hard, physical work outs to burn off the stress.

Car people use other methods of getting the jitters out of the system and it involves cars like this soothing image of a Chevelle. Its the car guys equivalent of that infamous calming kitten image. So, if you don’t have a muscle car image to hand or on your desktop, grab one from the website and look at it daily to calm the soul.
This car is equipped with a simple 327 V8, automatic transmission and some creature comforts which would sooth anyone’s soul.
Imagine you just jumped in, turned the key and drove away your troubles.
This car is a great example of an auto builder that put everything together in a beautiful way. Throw in a blue sky and some sunshine and life is grand.

Of course many have taken this wonderful car and bought the larger engine, better interior, and so on and feel the same joy. It appears from what I see in this picture that the owner took license with the original car and made it his own. That alone is comforting that this owner fell in love with this classic and made it his dream. For those of us in the hobby, we need this fix to feel like life has not swallowed us.
We at least do not hurt anyone or cause anyone any hardship in the name of our cars. Just the opposite of course. We feel better, we act better, we are more at ease and on the whole, feel like life is good.
How a car can do that to us is a mystery to me, but I can attest that when I am thinking about my cars or better yet- driving them, I am a better person.

Some people like trains or jet airplanes. I have friends who have hobbies they live for and for that I am happy for them. I also know people who just go to work and come home and watch TV until they fall asleep. Everyday is ground hog day for them. I feel for them as they may not understand my love affair with classic cars and trucks but I don’t care. I am happy and isn’t that what we all desire?

Do you feel stressed? Look at the calming Chevelle…….happy days.

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