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By Mark Weisseg

These are my favorite pictures of all the time. You might think it would be a finished product like a ’32 ford or Hemi ‘Cuda or Roadrunner, etc. with a chromed out blown engine, supercharger, big tires, bad ass interior and so on but it is not.

I love to see old cars and trucks being towed as it’s usually the sign of something positive. Ninety nine percent of the time they are being transferred or towed to a new location for a start at a new life.

It means someone has found the car and decided they want to save it. They will tow it, plan, drop a lot of money in it and work there fingers until they are raw.
Generally they go to small garages with cramped spaces, poor lighting and the cars will be torn down to the bare bones. They will find rust in areas they could not imagine, run across issues that they never imagined and growl at the replacement parts costs.

Yes, the labor will long, hard, tedious and in the end well worth it. It’s very hard when you finally get the car down to the bare bones and take a deep breath. You have one chance to do this right and once you start you will be challenged in ways you cannot imagine now. But slowly the pieces start coming together. It’s hard, it’s slow and it’s long. It will take everything in your power not to quit.

You will need support and help from others to push you on. Craigslist and EBay are filled with half done cars and trucks. Don’t be a halfer. Stay the course, fight on, and when you get closer and hear the newly rebuilt engine start some night, it will be the sign you are getting closer. Keep the faith. When you are done you will swear you would never do another one but you will. I know you will.


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