How Muscle Cars Prove To Make You A happier Person

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By Mark Weisseg

I happen to believe I live in the best country in the world. We have problems and issues but when you have over 300 million people living in a country you are bound to have some problems. But, I have a problem solver. This Z28 is one of the worlds best problem solvers.
I will bet you that if I had a really bad day, I mean a really bad day I could solve it in fifteen minutes. How?

No, not turn on the TV and watch Dr Phil. No, it would be climbing into this car. I would snuggle up to that wheel and just before I started it I would take a deep breath. Then, I would turn that key and hear in my mind the following. The Pistons going up and down. The crank and cam starting to turn, the oil starting to splash around, the fuel flowing from the fuel pump to the massive carb. Then, the tiger roars. Just a hint of smoke pours out the tailpipes. Then, all cylinders fire and it’s go time.

The engine idles as it waits for me to slip that transmission into first. I look around to make sure I am clear of anything that will spoil my fifteen minutes. No kids, no women, no cops, no neighbors, no cats. It’s time Rocko.

Then, as I let out the clutch I push the gas pedal to the floor and let the rear tires figure out how to catch up with the rpm’s. As I go through the gears I am chirping the tires three times until I get to fourth. Once in fourth this red rocket is screaming for help.

I am going way to fast and I don’t care at this point what happens. I am going to let loose this red goose. Before I know it I am out of road so I circle back home and do it again. When I wheel in my driveway and turn the engine off as I sense manhood at its best.

The engine is ticking even though it’s off. My eyes are watering and I smell rubber and gasoline. As I exit the car I don’t remember the day. I don’t recall waking up and eating food. I am lost and my body is trembling. Oh what a feeling. Zooks, I have not felt this good since I heard my nosy neighbor got kicked in the nuts by his horse.

Now, I feel good as James Brown once said. I have no fears, no problems, and no way of knowing what havoc I caused in those fifteen minutes. It’s a great day.

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