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By Dave Ashton

It’s been said many times, how can valuable classic muscle cars with their precious Ford Mustang accessories be left and forgotten about in barns and the like without at least somebody recognizing their worth. Well, in this case it’s easy to see why when the vehicles in question look like they’ve been bolted to the roof of some outbuilding for years.

There isn’t any information about the original building or owner apart from a ‘John’ who seems to have been collecting these vehicles for decades and has over 200+ cars. Apparently, the vehicles were hung from the rafters as they weren’t going to be worked on anytime soon. In other words, there is method to the madness in that space was needed, so why not hang stuff from the roof. The guys from seem to have acquired the Superbird and a body of a Satellite, but it’s unclear about what happened to the rest of the vehicles or if they are still hanging batlike from their past roost.


There’s one takeaway from this story, the next time you go barn hunting or searching in any other large, indoor space, look up. There may just be some nice surprises hanging from the rafters.


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