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Muscle Cars From The Movie ‘Faster’: Chevelles and GTOs.

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Faster is a 2010 movie starring Dwayne Johnson (aka The Rock) and Billy Bob Thornton, which actually co-stars a 1970/1971/1972 Chevrolet Chevelle SS (more on this below)

You wouldn’t guess this from the movie’s promotional poster, but the premise is to hark back to the car films of the 70s, in this case where the ‘Driver’ – Dwayne Johnson uses a Chevelle to go about exacting his revenge.
In the flashback scene, you also get to see an incredible looking 1967 Pontiac GTO, which credit to the films editing, makes the GTO look like a bright, incredible custom. (that’s just my take on initial viewing…)

But onto the Chevelle.
it’s actually a bit of a mash up vehicle. The imdb has it down as –
‘The Chevelle that Dwayne Johnson drives in the film is a 1971 or 1972 model (as evidenced by the dual taillights), but the front is from the 1970 model (as evidenced by headlights and grille). Also, although the car is badged with the SS (Super Sport) logo, it is in fact a Malibu edition Chevelle as evidenced by the sweep style dash – SS Chevelles have round gauges.’
Some other sources say it is simply a 1971 model with a different front and rear end, not even an SS model.

Boo, hiss…. The film caught my eye as obviously I thought the Chevelle was a 1970’s SS 454, but like most car films, let’s say they like to take some ‘poetic license’ when it comes to vehicles, so that they are usually not what they seem on close inspection.
It’s also the case that during filming, they have to have on hand a few vehicles on standby and it’s probably easier and cheaper, to mix and match them than to buy a bunch of stock 1970 Chevelle’s.

It can be initially annoying when us muscle car guys and girls ( all-inclusive here) spot discrepancies with muscle cars in film and TV, but as long as we always have in the back of our mind that we are usually watching fiction and muscle cars are still being represented, that’s the main thing.


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