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Muscle Car Winter Survival Tips

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If you’re lucky enough to live in warmer climates, you can carry on regardless, but if this is the time of the year where you experience not only the cold, but also ice and snow, then much more planning ahead and fore thought is needed, Especially with classic or muscle cars.

Ironically, if you ask someone from the older generation about driving in winter or snowy conditions, they will probably reply with, ‘just get on with it’ as nearly everybody did, but as the Internet is about information, why not pass on some helpful tips to those who may not know.

Classic cars and muscle cars don’t have the luxury of traction control, slipped difs and modern technology and with tons of power going to the rear wheels, all this adds up to a vehicle that could end up being like a spinning top.
There was a time when everybody was in this position, everybody had cars with rear wheel drive. even so, a few tips may help you along your way.

Use your headlights – usual headlights, but don’t dazzle other drivers. Only use fog lights when visibility drops below hundred feet.
Keep your distance – it’s better to feel too far from the car in front of you while driving in snow or ice, then losing control.
Drive smoothly, gently and consistently – the best advice I got was to ‘Feel’ your way when driving in the snow. Feel the gas pedal, keep the wheels ‘slowly’ moving and constantly at low revs to keep traction going. slow and consistent here, no wheel spins. It takes practice, but this simple tip can get you out of most predicaments.
Skidding – when I was a teenager this was the most fun part, until I totalled a car or two. If your car starts to skid, take your foot off the gas, if on ice, braking can prolong a skid. steer into the direction of the skid.
Slowly does it – most of this is common sense, but it’s about being very cautious, taking things slowly while you drive and staying away from large objects which your car can bounce off.

practice makes perfect – If you can practice driving on some snow, like in a huge parking lot where there are no solid objects to bounce off, it will give you good practice for when you really do get stuck in the snow.


Car kit
Pack the car like you’re going on an Arctic expedition.
For weeks or months of snow, snow tires are advisable, weighing down your trunk with a bag of sand and keep a shovel in the trunk.
Check your battery or buy a new one.
Stock up on ice scrapers de-icer, scrapers for the windshield, all season windshield wipers and possibly a small brush.
Check the coolant and antifreeze levels.
Roadside emergency kit – if you break down, you will love your on-board supplies. A small camping stove, sleeping bag extra set of clothes and long-lasting bars of food, you will get hungry. Spare boots, gloves/mittens, a bottle of water, spare charger for a smart phone or tablet.
You can find winter car gear here –

Essentially, pack your car like you are going on a day or two’s expedition into the snow.

Prevention is always better than cure, so plan ahead. Pack all the provisions you need in the car and take things slowly, steadily and consistently.

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