Muscle Car Talk: Watch The Road Not Pokeman Go

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By Mark Weisseg

I am not sure what happened here in this image but I do know it reminds me to slow down and pay attention. Case in point, today we have grown adults playing a child’s game called Pokeman Go. I was at the park yesterday when a white BMW with a young man at the wheel slowly cruised the park while watching his cell phone. Sure enough within a few minutes a young couple came by in a Jeep Wrangler doing the same thing.
Now, we could get into a long conversation about these adults playing a child’s game and how they must be lonely odd people. What worries me is when I am driving my very expensive fast muscle car and I need to worry about deer running to the road, people driving while talking on the phone, people driving and texting, other very clueless drivers who should be walking, but now I need to worry about grown adults driving while playing a child’s game on there cell phones.

The roads are full of distractions and when I am driving anything I am careful. However, when driving one of my classics I am extra careful. The very last thing I want is an accident with one of these special cars. But I will tell you if I get hit by a grown adult playing Pokeman go I am going to beat the daylights out of him or her.

Accidents in most cases can be avoided. They are usually caused my the carelessness of the driver. Usually. But to see two grown adults in less than ten minutes completely unaware of what is going on around them while driving is frightening. Please, please my friends pay attention to driving first and foremost. It’s also far more fun than the latest app.

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