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Muscle Car Talk: Does Sex Sell A Hemi Car?

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By Mark Weisseg

Overwhelmingly, the answer can be yes, but it’s really the question of who agrees and who disagrees.
Models have been used from almost day one to help sell vehicles. From the earliest magazine ads. to present day. Every car show has them, from TV ads. to the latest online media.

Personally, If I had the cash to buy a Hemi car the last thing on my mind would be the model. I would want to know if the car numbers matched, is there paper work, any wiggle on the price, who did the resto and so on. However, the model is there to catch your eye among the thousands of ads. online.

Maybe I am old and out of sorts but If you buy any car from any source only because a paid model is leaning against it, I have property for you just south of Miami for sale. Now, I like the models and enjoy viewing beautiful women but it serves no purpose for me, but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t work for others.

If you go to respected car shows you don’t see Ford, GM, and FCA using women as bait. No, you will see them in gowns or beautifully dressed and well informed.
Should there not be men leaning on the cars like Chippendale dancers for the women to view? It wouldn’t work in this market as the majority of buyers are male, but you get the point.

We have had comments on both sides over the years. Some are happy to see a model with a vehicle, others do not.

What do you think about the subject? In an ideal world, should a beautiful car sell itself on its own merits or do you disagree with models being shown alongside vehicles? This could be a whole topic area in itself, so we would love you to comment below with what you think.

Comment below.

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