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Muscle Car Talk: For Sale, Minor Rust, Never Seen Rain……

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By Mark Weisseg

I saw this picture recently and I thought it belonged in the file of it’s never to late, maybe…
I say that as when I cruise through the ads., I am always amazed at how other people value things. Whether it is a classic or a new car the person that owns it always sees a value way beyond reality. Recently in an ad. I contacted a guy who was selling a sweet ’93 Mustang full of goodies.

The right price.
The guy took very good care of the car and he elected to add a bunch of add ons. Add ons will never get the return you think they will because that was a choice you made.
The guy wanted $7900 firm and he made it clear to me he will not move from that number. He claimed he did not need to sell it so if he does not get his number he will keep it.
I noticed the house the guy lives at is small but nice. I also noticed a one car garage. That one car garage might be the key to the deal. I get the feeling he bought or will buy something else soon and he wants the new toy in the garage. Thus, no less than the 7900 bucks.
If he does he may lose money but really a 1993 car? A thirteen year old hot rod Mustang with an automatic. The guy is a nice guy but he is off base with his selling price. I gave the car some thought but he is being unrealistic at this point and I told him so in our first conversation. It’s only now it might have sunk in.

It reminds me of a guy I worked with. He was trying to sell his Challenger with a 6.2 hemi and a Kenny Bell Super charger and all kinds of toys. His asking price was very high because he took great care of the car, added on premium options and if he sold it for what the real price should be, he feels he would take a loss.
That was a summer and a half ago and he still has it. When he first put it on the Internet with the price he did, not one inquiry. I told him that people looking at these types of cars are not stupid. They have done some homework and know that this asking price is way too high. So, here it sits and sits. He wanted to sell it and buy a Hellcat Challenger but the dealer offers were low so he tried himself and bombed.

Market value is the key here. It’s easy now to get a rough estimate of what a car may be worth from information online. online ads., check out our ‘for sale‘ section of the website, many places. That’s if you are either buying or selling.
Be realistic with the pricing, do your research, then life becomes a lot easier.

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