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Muscle Car Talk: Is This A Rat Rod Sale??

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By Mark Weisseg

Now all of us in the fast muscle car world know what this is and what it is not. It really does hurt to the core when you come across a car in this condition. But, based on the conditions around this car it does appear cleanliness is not the most important thing going. Maybe feeding the 90 cats or hoarding cans of soup for the nuclear fallout is.

But what I have noticed of late in the classified cars ads is a trend that is becoming funny. Not disturbing or even maddening. Just funny. More and more ads for rusted out old cars and trucks with little to no life in them are now sold as rat rods.

Yep, no longer is it abused, or neglected or just a pile of metal on wheels. Nope, now it is a rat rod and the asking prices have gone up. I saw a funny one yesterday on Clunkslist, I mean Craigslist. The guy was selling a really bad car but his description talked about a really good old car. Nothing wrong with it except it won’t go in reverse or second gear and that the interior was worn and the paint was faded. Then to top it all off he insisted the price is firm and he had to sell it today or else. Or else what? He was threatening that if one of us stupid consumers did not immediately buy this car at his price today he would do…… Who knows.

So, instead of the truth be told and someone advertises that it is an old car that needs XY and Z the new way is to call the car a rat rod. When you get it home I guess you realize it’s just a bad old car that you are now stuck with. But it does not stop there. I saw a guy advertising in my own neighborhood a 2014 Shelby with a glass roof and thousands of dollars worth of add ons. At the end of the long long ad he stated the price of $62,500 was firm and not to bother him with any other amount. He had to sell this weekend too according to the ad. I doubt either one of these tactics worked. I did not include the ads or links to the ad. as it contained phone numbers and other private information, but when did selling a car whether a old piece of junk or a somewhat new hot rod become so mean.

Both sellers imply you better buy them now or else. What happened to the days of here is what I have, I am selling it for this reason and I am asking this price. Here are some pictures and details so please call me at 867-5309 and we can discuss this further?

Now I see more and more ads that are mean spirited and angry. Very odd sales approach for sure. I know sellers complain of no shows, tire kickers, joy riders and more but that my friends is the price you pay for putting your product out for anyone and I mean anyone to see. If you have a rare Bentley then I suggest you step up and use a service that will wean out the clowns. Just like buying a home. You must be pre approved by the bank for x amount of dollars. That keeps the hamburger flippers at fifteen dollars an hour looking at a multi million dollar home. Get my point? Just review your ad and by all means use spell check. Nothing is worse when someone tries to sell a car and spells a Chrysler as a Crylser. I see it all the time. I hope you soften your tone when selling and be inviting. There are simple ways to weed out the kooks.

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