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Muscle Car Talk: It’s The Need To Burn Rubber

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By Mark Weisseg

We have laws and the police to protect us in troubled times. We have laws that make us drive a top speed of say 75 mph in a desolate part of the country, yet we build cars that will go 200 miles an hour.
Why would anybody build or anybody buy a car that can go 200 mph on the street when it is illegal and possibly unsafe? Great question and I am not smart enough to provide an answer.
But, that same question could be put to use in many other products we use daily. Why would anyone buy a wrist watch for twenty grand when another watch for thirty bucks tells the same time? The list is endless but, people generally want unique things or things that are better than someone else’s. Its how it has always been.

My choices are easy at times. Sometimes I just need to burn rubber. I will drive my old cars for days that are slow and clunky. Then, it hits me. Get in your hot rod you fool and open that baby up. And I do.
I love to smoke those ties, shift the gears hard and hear the chirp between shifts. That is what our fast muscle car life is all about.

The hell with these little rice burners and ugly cars. I want to get in my classic hot rod anytime I want to and live the dream.
Just check out how many car shows, cruises and such happen every week in this country. You will lose count. Ever been to SEMA in Las Vegas? I have and it is by invite only. People come from all over the world to display there products and just as many and maybe more come just to look.
Thousands and thousands of people show up every year. It is an amazing event and if you ever get a chance to see it please do it. It will fulfill many bucket lists for speed, power, torque, and dreams will be fulfilled.

Anybody who is somebody is there. Why? Because we all love cars and want the things that can do 3 times the speed limit. Even countries where fuel is seven bucks a liter and the cars get 50 mpg and are the size of your couch show up.

Last I was there I saw a group from Dubai. Turns out Dubai and areas near there are hot for American hot rods. Sweden is too. Many other counties love to import big American cars like Lincolns and Caddys but what they really want is the hot rods. Imagine that? So, if any of you big rich tycoons overseas wants a couple of hot rods, just wire me the money and you too can have a bit of Americana.
We always loved our cars in this country. A lot of countries are thought of as transportation only. Not here my friends.

Europe has a better rail system by far but we own the automobile market. Don’t believe me? Count the amount of web sites, magazines put out monthly, the car shows, the aftermarket business and keep adding them all up and you will see why the automobiles are number one in the world.
Years ago I drove a car that was built and driven in the old Soviet Union. Words cannot describe how bad that car was. I was so out of place because that crappy car was built to go from A to B and that is it. We would not put up with that. If it cannot smoke the tires, be louder than it needs to be and can’t be loaded with aftermarket stuff, then forget it. It is the soul of our being.

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