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Muscle Car Talk: The Cost Of Restoration

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By Mark Weisseg

In fairness I admit I own a ’69 Road Runner so when I see one advertised I look a bit more than most.

I saw this one recently and I knew right away the engine was missing because the front end sits so high. But,the seller goes on to say the transmission is gone as well. If that is not enough so is the interior. Oh, and the drive line. So, you do have a roller now. So, start bidding.
Once you win the bid, get an engine, trans, interior , drive shaft and who knows what else we don’t know. Then, standard body work and paint. Bingo, now you have a ’69 run of the mill non matching numbers Roadrunner. I guess that’s ok but Jeepers there is a lot of work here so you better be in love or simply have a lot of time on your hands. I say that because not long ago I looked at a ’68 that was restored, numbers did not match but it would have been a key turner driver for 20K.

So, I think if you could buy this for 6k or so and then add all the parts needed you can get to that 20k figure easily. I am fully aware of what parts cost on these and trust me they are not cheap. Interior pieces, chrome pieces, panels etc will go deep into your bank account.
Now, my ’69 was already finished when I bought mine and I looked into some parts for reference and I am glad mine was completed before I bought. Now, I want all Roadrunner saved and driven but I want to remind you that nothing is inexpensive. Nothing. Just be forewarned. But also, don’t let that stop you please. There are a lot of these cars built but a lot were crushed or just rotted out. Some were made into drag cars and some dirt track cars or at the end, demolition derby cars.

So, buy them, drive them and be proud. But, remember all things worth saving are expensive.

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